A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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Paul Collingwood: no MBE but a MSc in wearing funny hats.

One Of The Great What Ifs, #6: Billy Bowden Didn’t Raise His Finger

If it wasn’t for one crooked little finger, things would have been very very different.

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KP 3
Hi success turned Smith into a housewife's favourite and also a gay icon, celebrated throughout the land as the archetypal modern sportsman.

One Of The Great What Ifs, #4: Gatting Doesn’t Rebel

The late 1980s – turmoil in the England camp, but can one man and a beard lead them towards better times?

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Marcus Trescothick

One Of The Great What Ifs, #3: Marcus Trescothick Overcame The Black Dog

The end of Banger’s story was desperately sad. But what did we really miss out on?

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One Of The Great What Ifs, #2: Graeme Hick Didn’t Get Shafted By Mike Atherton

After the success of making up stuff about Simon Jones, our brand new series reaches that difficult second album, where we address the awkward question of Graeme Hick and that declaration.

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Although his album somehow failed due to 'a lack of sex-appeal'.

One Of The Great What Ifs, #1: Simon Jones Was A Peak Of Humankind

Simon Jones’s retirement has left the 51allout crew in a state of shock. To get over it they drank gin and wondered about what might have been.

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