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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 4

Posted on November 12, 2014 by in Opinion


After an initial burst of excitement, things appear to have begun tailing off for our So It’s Come To This series, with quite literally no-one suggesting any potential videos last week. We thought this might be because YouTube was no longer popular, but apparently it’s the third most popular website in the world (after google and facebook, which surprised us a bit as we assumed xhamster would be at the top) so it can’t be that. Incidentally, 51allout is ranked 1,409,811th in the world, which still puts us well ahead of our friends at bornoffside.net, who barely sneak into the top 2,732,098. But they do seem to get free stuff quite often, so the joke’s probably on us.

If you do fancy sending us some free stuff, either of these would do nicely.

If you do fancy sending us some free stuff, either (or both) of these would do nicely.

Anyway, here’s the results of another seven days of messing about on the world’s third most popular website:

Wasim Akram or Glenn McGrath: Who’s The Greatest?

The WTG section of this feature continues to go from strength to strength, no doubt driven by the fact that we’ll almost certainly have the polls working at some point early next year. This week it’s one of the great cricketing all-rounders, plus Glenn McGrath. There’s the small matter of 977 Test wickets between them, at averages just a shade over 20. Basically, they were both pretty good. Although one of them holds the record for hitting the most sixes in a Test innings – see if you can guess which one that is. Here’s a further clue: it’s not the one who averaged seven with the bat.

Anyway, as always, let us know who  you think is the greatest in the comments section below. Next week: Devereux vs. Luke Wright.


Anderson, Lee, Chanderpaul & Tait Reveal Embarrassing Cricket Tales

Cricketers talking about their most embarrassing moments is a potentially great idea for a series – who wouldn’t want to hear Monty Panesar talk about that time he pissed on a bouncer or Ian Salisbury talk about when he was accidentally selected to play Test cricket 15 times – but this can politely be described as a slow start. Without wanting to give too much away, no-one seems to have anything particularly embarrassing that they want to discuss. Shiv Chanderpaul doesn’t even mention the time he tried to defend a Brett Lee short ball with the back of his head which, to be fair to him, is probably because he wouldn’t be able to remember anything about that particular month.

See if you can guess what Shaun Tait’s most embarrassing moment(s) is. It’s not exactly a massive surprise.


Funniest Dropped Catch In Cricket History

Speaking of poor old Ian Salisbury, here’s one of the reasons his Test bowling average sits at a comically high 76.95: some epically bad close fielding from Mike Gatting. Feel free to use the comments section to abuse the now-president of the MCC. If  you’re not sure of where to start, we recommend using the standard ‘he would have caught that if it had been a <insert junk food reference here>’ template.


Preview: Darren’s poptastic effort Hole In The Wall BBC One

Darren Gough: wonderful player, horrific post-cricket TV star. We could have picked any number of his follies on YouTube – the Costcutter adverts are a particular favourite – but in the end we settled for this, England’s former premier fast bowler reduced to trying to pop a bunch of balloons with his chest before a big polystyrene wall pushes him into a pool. On prime time BBC One. Let’s just think about that one for a second or two.


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