A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.



Welcome to 51allout, the cricket blog that disguises itself as a proper website. The site was born sometime around June 2011, roughly about the time that Chris Tremlett crushed the touring Sri Lankans with his big sturdy appendages, mostly as a vehicle for a bunch of England fans to take the piss out of Steve Smith. However since those early days the cuddly all-rounder has shown himself to be a bit of a cricketing whizz, so we now bow at the supremo’s skill and talent. This may have been influenced by the ever-increasing contributions from an actual real-life Australian, one who pleasingly seems to dislike most members of the Australian cricket team as much as the English do.

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Some of our main contributors:

Matt H is a thirtysomething who lives in Cardiff but has not yet actually met Dean Cosker. His county of choice is Hampshire and has been ever since Mark Charles Jefford Nicholas missed the 1991 NatWest Trophy final. His favourite gin is Sloane’s.

Nichael Bluth is mainly here to talk about Knightmare and charts. As an Englishman based in Western Australia he finds it difficult to attend as many Somerset matches as he would like. His favourite gin is Hendrick’s, although the price of alcohol in WA means it has to sit on the shelf, rather than actually being drunk.

James Knight is the young upstart of the team and the only one based in a first world country. He likes taking deliberately contrary positions to keep everyone on their toes and considers Scyld Berry his arch-nemesis. His favourite gin is Oliver Cromwell 1599, because he bloody loves civil war.

Matt Larnach is about Australian as Australians get these days. Which means he has only ever seen a kangaroo in a zoo and is scared of spiders. His main claim to fame is that as a Sydney resident he must have, at one point or another, frequented the same public toilet or McDonalds that Steve Smith has. Which makes him somewhat giddy. His favourite gin is Bombay Sapphire, because he cares about the body he lives in.

Our hero. And not just for his choice in hats.

Our hero. And not just for his choice in hats.