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The Alphabet XIs: Q

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To start, a confession: some of the members of some of the Alphabet XIs have been chosen using a trawl of cricket databases. The majority of decisions are made in advance, but occasionally – even with our multi-national contingent and endless supply of juniper-based spirits – we have to check for obscure players to fill the gaps. We make no apology today though: although a convenient skip to the land of Richards and Ranatunga would have been preferable, for a few days we’ve been muttering to ourselves, “well there’s Abdul Qadir of course, but did Irish footballer Niall Quinn ever play cricket?” So we’ve had to turn to other cricketing resources (yes, there are others out there) to identify ten more players who could at least hold a bat the right way around. And here they are, in all their glory…


  1. Willie Quaife (England 1899-1902) 7 Tests, 228 runs @ 19.00 Standing somewhere between 5”2′ and 5”5′, this opening batsman played for Warwickshire for more than thirty years; he passed 1000 runs in no fewer than 25 seasons.
  2. Rob Quiney (Victoria 2007-2012) 47 First-Class Matches, 2889 runs @ 38.01 This powerful left-handed opener has made seven first-class centuries and is well-suited to the shorter formats of the game. He won the Domestic Player of the Year award in 2012 and might not be too far from the international selectors’ thoughts.
  3. Khlid Qayyum (Hyderabad 1976-1990) 67 First-Class Matches, 3368 runs @ 40.57 For much of the 1980s Qayyum averaged more than 40.00 in the Ranji Trophy and his highest score of 203 came against Gujarat in 1986/87.
  4. Syed Qadri (Hyderabad 2008-2012) 25 First-Class Matches, 1438 runs @ 49.58 A consistent run-scorer in recent domestic seasons in India, Qadri is a right-handed batsman who can also contribute off-spin (he has taken a 5-for for Hyderabad).
  5. Walter Quaife (Sussex / Warwickshire 1884-1901) 224 First-Class Matches, 8536 runs @ 22.88 Right-handed batsman who played for Sussex and Warwickshire. He scored ten centuries, including a career-best 156*.
  6. +Javed Qadeer (Pakistan 1995) 1 ODI, 12 runs @ 12.00, 1 catch Wicket-keeper who played for Karachi, Pakistan National Airlines and Pakistan A over a period of more than ten years. His solitary ODI was at Sharjah in 1995; his only dismissal was Aravinda de Silva.
  7. *Abdul Qadir (Pakistan 1977-1990) 67 Tests, 1029 runs @ 15.59, 236 wickets @ 32.80 Leg-spinner who was a vital player for Pakistan for many years. He had plenty of different deliveries in his arsenal and was instrumental in several series victories for Pakistan. His best bowling performance was 9-56 against England at Lahore.
  8. Iqbal Qasim (Pakistan 1977-1988) 50 Tests, 549 runs @ 13.07, 171 wickets @ 28.11 An economical left-arm spinner for Pakistan who is possibly overshadowed somewhat by his team-mate Qadir. He has recently been appointed Pakistan’s Chief Selector.
  9. Khalid Qureshi (Lahore / Punjab 1949-1967),42 First-Class Matches, 370 runs @ 10.57, 143 wickets @ 19.60 Another left-armer, his best bowling came in a match against Lahore Education Board, taking 9-28 from 19 overs.
  10. Aslam Qureshi (Karachi 1969-1987) 53 First-Class Matches, 800 runs @ 16.00, 120 wickets @ 24.56 We can tell you he was right-handed and born in Karachi in 1954.
  11. Neville Quinn (South Africa 1929-1932) 12 Tests, 90 runs @ 6.00, 35 wickets @ 32.71 A left arm medium-pacer who averaged 20.78 in first-class cricket. He died just two years after his final Test, at the tragically young age of 26.


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James Knight

12 Mar 2012 15:06

Quaife an awful side, that.


Matt L

12 Mar 2012 13:44

Quiney and Quaife, what an opening partnership!