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51allout Is On Holiday

Posted on October 5, 2013 by in Opinion


That’s right, due to the fact that there’s literally no cricket on at the moment that we can be arsed to watch, we’re all off for a week’s holiday. We’ve all packed our suitcases – Editor Steve’s has the work experience boy in it – and we’re off to get some sun and gin and look at girls while pretending to read Mike Hussey’s autobiography.


See you all in a week or so when we can all start laughing at Australia once again.



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Matt H

10 Oct 2013 19:08

No proper cricketer would announce his retirement to coincide with our holiday.


Nichael Bluth

07 Oct 2013 09:19

Almost certainly not.


Alex G

06 Oct 2013 17:19

What happens if something article worthy, say one of the 2005 Ashes winners retires, happens over the next week? Will you come back and write about it?