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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 5

Posted on December 19, 2014 by in Opinion


It’s Christmas time. There’s no need to be afraid. Unless you are working alone on a wet Friday afternoon whilst everyone else sods off down the pub. The spreadsheets are filled in, the emails are replied to and the out-of-office notification is drafted in readiness for the blessed 5pm to come around. What else is there to do apart from watch cricket videos?

2014 at Lord’s

An eventful bicentenary year at Lord’s, featuring narration by everyone’s favourite Uncle Jefford (Mark Nicholas) and glimpses of Mike Gatting looking as trim as ever. Other highlights include Brian Lara looking Lara-esque and Sachin Tendulkar revealing that he hasn’t had a haircut since his retirement.

Cricketing Advent Calendar

A nice way to pass those few minutes waiting for the printer to print / kettle to boil / gin to be replenished is to look at this clever (for us anyway, we still get amazed at the simplest of technologies, like printers and kettles and the distilling of fermented grain mash) video advent calendar. And there’s – to date – 19 of the videos to watch. England fans may want to skip the first one though, as it shows Ishant Sharma tearing England seven new arseholes.


Mark Ramprakash is Awesome

It is telling that a search for Mr 27.32 on youtube reveals more dancing videos than cricketing ones. As much as we like the salsa and the pasodoble, there are better things to watch than Ramps cutting some shapes on the dance floor. After all, he is the recently-appointed England batting coach. So treat yourself to this – especially if there really is no-one else in the office…

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