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Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse For Cricinfo…

Posted on March 13, 2015 by in Opinion

Last August we wrote about the decline of Cricinfo, which generated a record number of comments, some of which may have been genuine. Basically, the homepage was a mess, the videos loaded automatically, it was hard to navigate, they wanted too much interraction with the readers and there was too much information on each match page. At the same time, we acknowledged that their app was fantastic.

In the run-up to the World Cup, the website underwent a bit of a refurb. And the app was updated. The change, amazingly, has exacerbated the problems. But at least the site no longer crashes our browser.

Mercifully, videos no longer auto-play, meaning we can put away the molotov cocktail and delete the route from the 51allout shed to the Cricinfo offices from Google Maps. But the website is still an utter mess. Indeed, so bad is the website that seldom have we used it during the World Cup, apart from looking at the scores. Pretty much all the elements we criticised in August remain valid.

And the app? Oh the app. The previous reincarnation was snappy, with clean lines and crisp colours, with smooth navigation between sections. It was a joy to use and one could idly browse the app for ages. But now it stinks. The homepage is as dull as very dull dishwater. The search function is for players only (i.e. a search for ‘ask steven’ does not reveal the Ask Steven feature – which incidentally is far less interesting than it once was – but states no player found). Only the devil knows why the records section is suddenly very limited. If 51allout ever did an app, we know what to avoid. It really is that bad.

For coverage of the World Cup, the official app is much better, which is incredible seeing as it is formally associated with the ICC. It is full of videos that work (and that are usually up-to-date), instant statistics and reliable scorecards.

Seriously, Cricinfo used to be our comfort blanket of website, one that we could happily lose ourselves in to avoid the misery of this thing called life. Now, we’d rather hug a blanket stained by Mark Cosgrove’s dirty protest than spend more than five minutes on the site. The only redeeming feature is that they employ Simon Barnes, but this is offset by the long list of other blithering numpties who contribute.

Mind you, if Cricinfo’s editors are reading this and would like some more blithering numpties to contribute: we’re listening.


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Nichael Bluth

17 Mar 2015 00:38

We should have put an auto-playing video into this article, just for satirical purposes.


Richard Gardham

16 Mar 2015 14:21

I’ll forgive cricinfo most things for George Dobell and David Hopps’ county championship coverage, but the website redesign is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. The home page is just a vast chasm of nothingness, with too much of a reliance on bland interviews with active cricketers who aren’t going to say anything of interest. Utter kack.


Matt H

16 Mar 2015 08:57

Just for the record, a video has just auto-played. Damn them.


Cricket Huddle

15 Mar 2015 23:19

Loved it and 100% agree!

The monopoly that these guys enjoys definitely is outgrowing them. They do a great job in getting good writing, but blogs like yours or Freddie wilde do a far greater job than them.

Great post!



15 Mar 2015 13:13

Leave Cricinfo alone.


Alex G

15 Mar 2015 09:56

Here’s my favourite cricinfo anecdote. Once I mistyped the web address and accidentally went to circinfo.com instead – the home of circumcision information on the web.

It took me literally minutes to live that one down.


Chris Fisher

13 Mar 2015 22:47

totally agree. I used to love cricinfo. Hardly even use the website now.



13 Mar 2015 14:16

India does not have Neil Buchanan…

Ha, Ha, Ha, Losers!!!

Now, that was an Art Attack!



13 Mar 2015 12:47

Why do ENGLISH fans need to check Cricinfo? You are not in World Cup anymore anyway!!!!

Ha, Ha, Ha, Losers!!!

India will win for sure.