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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 10: Michael Vaughan Spectacular!

Posted on June 10, 2015 by in Opinion


Michael Vaughan: love him or hate him, he certainly gets around. And we mean that in terms of his media presence, not in terms of when he was rumoured to be [Editor’s note: we’ll stop that right there]. Hence this week’s collection of YouTube clips devoted entirely to Yorkshire’s largest ever gobshite. Or England’s greatest ever captain, depending on your point of view.

Recreating KP’s single

The title of this video suggests a remake of some long-forgotten CD release from the early days of Kevin Pietersen’s rise to the top; perhaps a cover of Dave Stewart’s seminal All Over The World. Now that would be something special. Sadly, it’s just the Channel Nine lot dicking about once again. Our main man Michael Vaughan – who nearly got the position of supreme cricket overlord for the ECB, lest we forget – rolls around on the Gabba outfield while everyone laughs at him. Apparently they’re recreating some botched run-out or something but it just seems like everyone is just pissing about until the teacher says they’re allowed to go home. At the 1:26 mark Warne pats Vaughan on the back as if he’s just done something truly amazing. The only genuinely amazing thing here, of course, is Vaughan’s epic swan-dive fail in the rehearsal.


#HulkHoganHelps Part One feat. Michael Vaughan

Now this is amazing: Hulk Hogan takes a break from being really creepy towards his square-chinned daughter to answer everyone’s favourite former England captain’s question about the Ashes. And it’s hard to argue with the Hulkster’s advice, even if he is a very angry man.

The real thing to mention about this clip is that it comes from those lovely people at Betfair. Nothing beats a betting company with a sense of humour. So if you are planning to do any sort of gambling stuff, we highly recommend that you use them and not one of their vastly inferior competitors; the sort of amateur associations who promise us free DVDs and then get cold feet when someone points out that perhaps one of their brand ambassadors might be a bit of a dick.


Art Ball with Michael Vaughan

Pretentious, much?


Michael Vaughan gatecrashes the T20 Mascot Race dressed as a squirrel

The mascot derby remains the highlight of the English cricket season, which says a lot about what we think of the county game. Here is 2014’s effort, which, without wanting to give too much away, features that rarest of things: an actual Somerset title win. Of course, we’re here to talk about Michael Vaughan and the best thing about this video is obviously when Adam Hollioake lives out everybody’s dream by body-slamming Vaughan (dressed as a squirrel) to the ground. Maybe because he has sciurophobia. Or possibly because he’s had enough of Vaughan’s bobbins opinions. Only he will know for certain. Although the massive smile on his face does rather give the game away.



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Matt Larnach

14 Jun 2015 12:07

The CA website is really good. They poured a lot of money into it and its now way better than anything offered up by the papers these days.

They could find someone less….Australian to do the voice overs on the highlights packages though.


Nichael Bluth

14 Jun 2015 00:59

Cricket Australia’s website has a larger proportion of its videos featuring Devereux. Hence it must be better.

Plus Cricinfo has gone to the dogs.



11 Jun 2015 22:20

That thing with Hulk Hogan may just be the worst thing ever on the internet, and that include’s Ian Botham’s old chap.


ziko smith

11 Jun 2015 13:16

A bit random this, but have you guys use the cricketaustralia website? If so what are your thoughts? I think its pretty good quality and it has better videos than cricinfo


Edmund Scrotum

11 Jun 2015 12:50

I’m just going to leave this here.