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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 11

Posted on July 17, 2015 by in Opinion


Even though the Ashes are on, that’s no excuse to stop messing around on YouTube trying to hunt down funny cricket clips. Our latest offering includes four of the finest clips that we could find on the first couple of pages of said video-sharing website. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that 51allout is as much for you as it is for us. As a result, please feel free to send us any amusing YouTube links that you find, otherwise it’s your fault that we never put any new articles up.

Seriously 51allout readers: pull your bloody fingers out.

Seriously 51allout readers: pull your bloody fingers out.


Stephen Fry vs Hawk-Eye: Umpire Challenge

Stephen Fry: one of the great raconteurs or just a slightly odd bloke with a very posh voice, best known for talking about killing himself on Richard Herring’s pleasantly amusing Leicester Square Theatre Podcast? We’ll let you decide. To help with that, here’s a video of him having a go at being an umpire, making LBW decisions and then seeing what Hawkeye made of them.

Two main points from this: 1) Fry seems to be pretty good at this umpiring lark, even if Hawkeye’s ‘impact in line’ test seems to have taken the day off to go shopping and 2) the kid doing the appealing – Freddie, apparently – is fucking annoying. Seriously, it’s remarkably similar to Jim Carrey’s ‘want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?’ bit in Dumb And Dumber.


Cricket fan makes incredible $4000 catch

This clip has Ian Smith commentating. That alone should be enough to sell it to you. Add in the fact that it includes the greatest catch ever taken, by some bloke in the crowd sliding down a hill, to win NZ$5,000 (helpfully converted to USD by whoever put the video up) and you have one of the great cricket videos. Although it loses a bit by having the WASP pop up at the bottom of the screen, the most pointless thing since Shane Watson’s last LBW review.


What’s inside a Cricket Ball?

Have you ever wanted to cut a cricket ball in half and pull the insides out? Nope, us neither. But this guy is American and therefore has a natural urge to kill and destroy. You can see the (slightly surprising) results of his attack on a cricket ball here. He also calls it a ‘cock ball’ along the way, a phrase we’ve never heard before, at least in the context of cricket. Of course, the real tension in this video comes from the way he just merrily hacks away at the ball with a saw, regularly threatening to cut through his hand in the process. But does he actually manage to remove one or more of his fingers, to make him the Martin Gutpill of the cutting things open world? You’ll have to watch and see…


Allan Donald almost killing a Batsman

We’ve had our fair share of bad ideas over the years: starting a cricket website; starting a series of YouTube-based articles, requiring us to find four cricket videos every few weeks and write a hundred words about each; using those articles to list our bad ideas and so on. But none of our ideas are as bad as this one: Sultan Zarawani – captain of the UAE in their opening World Cup game in 1996 – coming out to face Allan Donald in a sunhat, rather than a helmet. Donald rather took exception to this and the inevitable results are here in all their glory.

Without wanting to sound like your dad, this does actually raise a bit of a grown up question: is it okay to laugh at this sort of thing now, given what has happened in recent years with Phil Hughes, Craig Kieswetter and even Stuart Broad?


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Matt H

18 Jul 2015 12:35

I think it’s the ex-Prime Minister of Rhodesia


Tim Bresnan’s Heavy Ball

17 Jul 2015 23:32

When you say Ian Smith is commenting, do you mean the actor who played Harold Bishop or the former NZ cricketer? I know which one I’d rather listen to.



17 Jul 2015 15:00

It’s never wrong to laugh at Stuart Broad.