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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 12

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It’s been a while since we last trawled through YouTube to try and find some vaguely amusing cricket clips with which to pad out an article. Indeed, the last time we did this, we expressly asked for our readers to send us some stuff so that we could avoid having to do any actual work. The results were astounding: the 51allout inbox was literally flooded with emails. Unfortunately, all bar one of them was trying to sell us viagra or, strangely enough, solar panels. And that one decent email? That was from a very nice man called Will asking us to use this first video, which we’re going to do, despite the fact we haven’t even watched it yet. So instead of our normal beautifully polished and many-times-rewritten comedy musings, you’ll get a sort of live instant reaction to it immediately afterwards. Which sounds pretty damn exciting.

W.G. Grace – Draw My Life – 100th Anniversary

Well that was alright, wasn’t it? Beards are cool, for a start, and there’s clearly a lot of them in this video. There’s also a mention of Bristol, which is generally a good thing. Our main concern was for the guy actually doing the drawing: his wrists must be in a terrible state after all that colouring-in, plus it looks like he might actually be suffering from measles, which is very serious amongst adults.

The W G Grace story is a truly fascinating one, the sort of legend that just sounds made up nowadays. There’s definitely the potential to turn it into a film, or even a TV series. Although we weren’t overly impressed by the previous attempt at doing it as a sitcom in which the cricket was largely sidelined in favour of examining the relationship between a gay lawyer and a straight interior designer.

England's bowling attack could be best described as 'metrosexual'.

England’s bowling attack could be best described as ‘metrosexual’.

Shake It Off | Nick Compton took the challenge for Handi-Capable.org and you ?

Of course, when we’re not trawling the internet looking for vaguely amusing cricket videos, we’re trawling the internet looking for pictures of Taylor Swift, the Raquel Welch of our generation. Or quite possibly the generation after us. Or maybe even the one after that. Regardless, imagine our excitement when we stumbled across this video, containing slow motion closeup footage of a man who is not only the least shit opening partner for Alastair Cook in recent years, but is also incredibly handsome: Nick Compton. This video, presumably part of some sort of campaign thing for celebrities to raise their profile, sees sultry Nick shake his hair a bit, sending paint all over his apparently naked torso. To be honest, after watching it, we had to look at some more Taylor Swift pictures just to calm down.

Worst Steve Bucknor LBW decision EVER!!! WTF was he thinking?

Despite being an angry, angry man, Robelinda2 (otherwise known as Rob Moody) is one of the great non-cricketing cricket figures. Without him there would be perhaps thousands of cricket memories lost forever, such as this clip in which Steve Bucknor gives Nasser Hussain out LBW despite him rather obviously hitting the ball, probably just because it’s Nasser and these things are never not funny when they happen to him.

Bob Willis views on new England kit

Speaking of angry, angry men, here’s 51allout favourite Bob Willis lambasting England’s new sweater. It’s important to remember that we’re talking about a jumper here with a red trim and yet Angry Bob is coming in off his long run as if he’s desperately trying to rip through Australia at Headingley in 1981, rather than simply appraising the most significant evolution in knitwear in a generation.

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Have you featured this yet? Cook vs Anderson at some fancy darts tournament.