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England vs. India, First Test: Day One Review

Posted on July 21, 2011 by in Tests

England 127/2 (49.2 overs) (Trott 58, Zaheer 2/18)

by Nichael

In a sentence:

Despite winning a crucial toss India failed to make the most of their opportunities, allowing Jonathan Trott and Kevin Pietersen to give England the upper hand (helped by Zaheer Khan’s injured hamstring).


India's strike bowler Zaheer Khan clutches his injured hamstring.

Player of the day:

Jonathan Trott did what Jonathan Trott does, making ‘ugly’ runs and seeing off some genuinely threatening swing bowling. He had some luck, edging through the slips on three occasions, but capitalised in his own non-demonstrative way.

Moments of the day:

An innocuous delivery outside the off-stump, left alone by Trott. It didn’t look like much but at the other end of the pitch Zaheer was pulling up clutching his hamstring. As he hobbled off the pitch without bowling another ball, India’s best chance of getting through England’s top order went with him, this after two fairly early wickets: Alastair Cook playing over his front leg and getting trapped LBW and Andrew Strauss mis-timing a hook down fine leg’s throat. The rain that fell in the late afternoon prevented India fighting back.

Outlook for the second day:

Much will depend on the weather and the seriousness of Zaheer’s injury. Trott looks well set for another big score and Pietersen will hope to attack. But early strikes and India will be back in the match.

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Matthew L

21 Jul 2011 19:54

Early days in the series, but perhaps those who expressed reservations about the Indian bowling attack can feel somewhat vindicated