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The 51allout Podcast #26: March 12th 2013

Posted on March 12, 2013 by in Podcast


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Matt H

14 Mar 2013 20:52

We could just read out the full names of the entire Sri Lankan squad – that will add a good eight minutes or so.


Dmitri Old

14 Mar 2013 13:30

37 minutes! Doesn’t even cover my commute to work.

Put some bloody effort in. I want to know more about Sri Lanka v Bangladesh. It’s what I don’t pay you for!


Nichael Bluth

14 Mar 2013 08:44

Good question Angus – rather than try and answer it here, I’ll stick it on the agenda for next week’s podcast.


Angus P

13 Mar 2013 13:02

Love your stuff guys, and I would be interested to see who you would pick to play for Australia in the Ashes, with the hope of copping the smallest possible belting?