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India vs. Australia: The Final Chapter

Posted on November 1, 2013 by in 40/50-over


After what feels like an age we’ve reached the final edition with the score line closer than Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson at a sub-editors’ meeting. It’s been a strange series with most of the games being close despite some frankly ridiculous scores being racked up, with the highlight being India chasing 350 in just 43 overs. Luckily for Australia they didn’t post 434 that day, although they now have the top five highest ODI totals of all time to be chased down. And when the Indian captain starts to question the number of fours and sixes being scored then it might be time to look at the regulations.

Rebekah Brooks – the most hostile environment he’s been in.

Rebekah Brooks – the most hostile environment he’s been in.

The last game followed a similar pattern to those before it, with Australia racking up 350 with our second favourite ginger Australian making 156 rather classy runs. India got off to a flyer again thanks to Rohit Sharma and Shakar Dhawan, the latter making another ton, while simultaneously strengthening his claim for a place as the next cab off the rank in The Three Musketeers. Virat Kohli then scored yet another ODI hundred to see India home; it won’t be long before someone invents an utterly pointless record for him to break. It was also good to see Mitchell Johnson continue to bowl himself out of form for the Ashes, setting up the Barmy Army for a long Antipodean summer of singing.

Biding his time, hoping Porthos’ run of low scores continues

Biding his time, hoping Porthos’ run of low scores continues.

Outlook for the final ODI

We’ve been predicting an Indian series win from the outset and we’re buggered if we’re changing that now. We expect a flat, baked pitch with shitloads of runs scored. George Bailey will top score for the Australia, following a swift 80 from one of the top three. India will get off to a flyer in response with Kohli taking centre stage to see them home while Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh look on from the side-line. Probably while eating pies.

You see that edge over there, yeah that one, that’s where we live.



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Nichael Bluth

02 Nov 2013 02:50

It’s also a great shame that such an interesting series has been shoehorned inbetween two Ashes series.


Andrew Barnes

01 Nov 2013 14:11

been a great series, shame about the weather in the two that were washed out and the seemingly massive gap between each game, was a bit disappointing that the games didn’t fit in with the days i work from home.