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Pakistan vs. England. Second Test: Preview

“We’re going to bounce back”. “We’re ready to put it right”. “It won’t happen again”. Oh, just shut up and play.

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The England Globetrotters

Firstly in our not-quite-weekly round up of England’s not-quite-stars playing around the world, to South Africa, where Owais Shah helped Cape Cobras to victory over Dolphins in the one-day tournament.

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The England Globetrotters

Owais Shah appears to be finding some form for the Cape Cobras in the South African Franchise 1-Day Cup

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The England Globetrotters

The movement of players around the world may solely be based on the desire to make some more cash, but though we are happy to describe the likes of Keiron Pollard as profiteering, T20-specialising leeches, we firmly consider that any of the brave England boys who opt to boldly go into the wild frontiers in search of a game are genuine, praiseworthy individuals in pursuit of cricket’s fundamental essence.

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