A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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The 51allout Bargain Basement Book Bonanza: Mark Nicholas’s A Beautiful Game

We read Mark Nicholas’s book, so you don’t have to be sick.

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Scorchio! Our Summer With Channel 9! Part Three: Storm Clouds

And we don’t just mean that its been raining a lot.

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Mark Nicholas Writes! Ashes Reviews Part Two: Australia

In the second of a two part series, Mark Nicholas talks all things Australian.

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Mark Nicholas Writes! Ashes Reviews Part One: England

In a genuine coup for 51allout, we managed to persuade Channel Nine legend Mark Nicholas to give us his views on the 2013 Ashes. In the first of an exclusive two parter, he talks all things England.

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The Commentators: Five Will Make You Get Down Now

It’s easy to forget that the channel that bought you the Jack Docherty Show and Naked Jungle has been showing the cricket highlights for seven years. That’s a lot of Mark Nicholas.

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