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The Australian Cricketing Media: At Rock Bottom And Breaking Out Pickaxes

We thought we’d write about the state of the Australian print media. You’ll never believe what happened next!

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The Worst Touring Party To Ever Visit English Shores

The Australian Test team can be happy that the woeful performance of another touring party is making their efforts look pretty good. Comparatively.

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The Commentators: MP Vaughan

By Anthony K The great cricketer who fails as a captain (q.v.: Botham, I.T.) is a staple of sporting journalism and the usual conclusion is that they lack the insight required to understand and motivate players who don’t share their instinctive genius. Here at 51AllOut, we have little to add to this store of wisdom, […]

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The Commentators: Aggers

Jonathan Philip Agnew has been the BBC’s Cricket Correspondent for what seems like forever, but he still remains a joy to listen to, whether commentating on the action, running Test Match Special before and after play, interviewing guests or popping up on other radio programmes to offer his thoughts on the match in hand, or […]

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