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If Someone Performs In The Sheffield Shield, But Nobody Is Around To See It…

Performances in the Sheffield Shield have fast replaced trees falling in forests as our favourite thought experiment.

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Sheffield Shield: 2014/15 Season Review

Obscured by all the World Cup hoopla, the Australian domestic season came to an end. Was it in any way important? No, not really.

Sheffield Shield Season 2013/4 Review: Moving Australia’s Drinks Cabinet Six Inches Closer To Berlin

Is Australia ready to dominate Test cricket for the foreseeable future? A look at its domestic scene suggests otherwise.

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Sheffield Shield Final 2013/4 Preview

Things people aren’t interested in: Sheffield Shield cricket. Things people are interested in: the Kardashians. Our conclusion: people are idiots.

Sheffield Shield Preview, 2013/4: Newer Ain’t Always Better

Yeah, this is that most rare of beasts; a defence of the Sheffield Shield.

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The Worst Touring Party To Ever Visit English Shores

The Australian Test team can be happy that the woeful performance of another touring party is making their efforts look pretty good. Comparatively.

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The Steve Smith Report: Part Two

The second Steve Smith Report features a depressing lack of Steve Smith in it. We do our best to talk about him anyway, because without Sir Steve Aussie domestic cricket is really, really, boring.

The Steve Smith Report: Part One

Been wondering what Steve Smith has been up to lately? Hankering for some proper cricket? Step this way, as we review what’s been happening in Australian domestic cricket these past few weeks.

Sheffield Shield 2012/3 Season Preview

Sheffield: home of Pulp, Leslie Ash (the fit one from Quadrophenia) and some shield that a handful of people in Australia occasionally care about.

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