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Pakistan vs. England, Third Test: Day One Review

Ordinarily, dismissing your hosts for 99 after they won the toss would be cause for joy. But this was no ordinary day; it was a day that had observers reaching for their thesauruses trying to find both new superlatives and new curses.

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Pakistan vs. England, Second Test: Day Three Review

England’s tail wagged, Pakistan’s top order crumbled and things are fantastically poised for tomorrow.

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Pakistan vs. England, Second Test: Day One Review

Having lost the toss, England’s bowlers once again rose to the occasion and wore Pakistan’s batting down on an excellent pitch in Abu Dhabi.

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Pakistan vs. England, First Test: Day Two Review

England fought to keep themselves in contention on a day of old-fashioned Test cricket.

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Pakistan vs. England: Our Predictions

Before India visited England’s green and pleasant land last summer we came up with our own predictions for the series. Not a single one of us got the score right. In fact, no one even got close. So we’ve done it again for a laugh.