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The 51allout Podcast #72: May 11th 2015

The end of the second Peter Moores era means only one thing: time to start counting down until the third era starts. The 51allouters have their say on England’s latest shambles, drop some shocking #Verity news and generally get confused about the IPL.

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The Cricket England and Wales (Formerly New England) Report Card

One step forward, fifteen steps back.

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The 51allout Podcast #60: May 12th 2014

It’s time to tackle the big question of the day: just how firm is Peter Moores’ handshake? Plus there’s talk about the county season, the IPL and how Glenn Maxwell is the new Glenn Maxwell.

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FAO: New England

The list of things that England need to do doesn’t just begin and end with “never pick Boyd Rankin again.”

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