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IPL 2013: There’s Something About Pune

We’re not enjoying the IPL quite as much as we hoped.

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The Madness Of Captain Clarke

Caution: the following article contains conspiracy theories. Donning tinfoil headware is recomended before reading.

Pune’s Cast Of Millions

The recent IPL auction was utterly ridiculous and nothing exemplified that more than the conduct of the Pune Warriors, who threw money at rubbish they didn’t even need. Was there method in their madness? No, probably not.

IPL 2013: It’s Crazy Time

After nine months of tension and excitement, IPL 6 began limbering up for action last weekend with its traditional annual demonstration of unseemly excess.

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The IPL Auction Is Decadent and Depraved

And that’s why we love it so very, very, much. Put your morals and prejudices aside and prepare to wallow in the glorious filth that is the 2013 IPL Auction.

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