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Australia Got 99 Problems, But Bitching Ain’t One

If there’s one thing cricketer’s books are good for, it’s preventing bits of paper blowing away. If there’s two things, it’s preventing bits of paper blowing away and also bitching about each other.

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Great Unsolved Mysteries Of The Modern World #4: Is Michael Clarke Actually A Prick?

We’ve always wanted to write for Hello magazine. Consider this our audition.

England vs. Australia, First Test: Day One Review

The first day of the Ashes: hyped to buggery, but not bad entertainment.

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Ashes Tour Diary #5: The Ashes Are Australia’s To Lose

Smell that? It’s the stench of 60 million Englanders shitting themselves.

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The Madness Of Captain Clarke

Caution: the following article contains conspiracy theories. Donning tinfoil headware is recomended before reading.

Australia vs. India, Third Test: Review

After India’s shambolic batting efforts this tour thus far, it didn’t require much imagination to predict them being rolled within three days on a bouncy WACA wicket.

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