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The Australian Test Team: Caution, Work In Progress

Australia have been in the position of being ‘shit, but getting less shit’ for quite some time now. We assess what’s holding them back from progressing to ‘only a little bit shit’ in the near future.

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Australia In 2012: The Year Of The Pup

I wanna fly and run till it hurts, sleep for a while and speak no words, in Australia. The Manic Street Preachers have their view on Australian cricket, but what’s ours?

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Australia vs. South Africa: The 51allout Predictions

With South Africa’s tour of Australia looming large on the horizon, the 51allout gang got together to predict the complete opposite of what will happen.

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In The Air! And Safe! And Out! #7: Shane Watson’s Power Play Cricket (Nintendo DS)

The Nintendo DS is home of some of our favourite games in the whole world: Animal Crossing, those weird ‘hands on’ Japanese dating games and Shane Watson’s Power Play Cricket.

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World T20: Day Eighteen

Just two games to go now, folks. Sri Lanka lurk in the shadows, ready to engage the winner of Shane Watson vs the West Indies.

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