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Classic Series Review: 2009 Ashes

Remember the 2009 Ashes? We remembered some bits of it, but then luckily we were allowed to look at the scorecards before writing 2,000 words about it.

Food Processors Are Great: Cricketers Sell Out.

Cricketers and bad television commercials go together like Hendrick’s gin, Schweppes tonic, a slice of Waitrose organic cucumber and some ICC-approved non-branded ice.

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Australia In 2012: The Year Of The Pup

I wanna fly and run till it hurts, sleep for a while and speak no words, in Australia. The Manic Street Preachers have their view on Australian cricket, but what’s ours?

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Two Review

The second round of the Big Bash saw, well, pretty much the same stuff we saw in the first round. Except more of it.

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Australia vs. South Africa, Third Test: Review

Ricky Ponting’s final Test match wasn’t just about the man himself. It was also about South Africa giving Australia a right kicking.

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Australia vs. South Africa, Third Test: Preview

After two games in which everyone seems to have been crippled, Australia and South Africa meet for one final time. With the number one ranking at stake, Australia will do the sensible thing and get rid of all their bowlers from the previous games. South Africa will have to settle for dumping Imran Tahir’s body in the Swan River.

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Classic Series Review: 2005 Ashes, Part One (Lord’s)

A whole week of reminiscing about the greatest series in the history of the game starts, like all the great stories, with England getting a right shellacking.

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The Steve Smith Report: Part One

Been wondering what Steve Smith has been up to lately? Hankering for some proper cricket? Step this way, as we review what’s been happening in Australian domestic cricket these past few weeks.

Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light: The Simon Katich Story

Earlier this week one of the finest Australian cricketers of the past decade quietly closed the door on his international career. We look back over the career of a player who was considered a strong candidate for the Test captaincy until he started picking fights he could never hope to win.

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