A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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For which the local method for cutting the grass may be somewhat to blame.

Twelve Months On: Just How Did Australia Manage To Lose In Cardiff Anyway?

12 months on from Cardiff, 51allout investigates one of the great Australian performances. Just who was to blame?

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Nick Compton is handsome

51allout Mass Debates #8: Straight Intta Compton

Nick Compton: like Marmite, albeit less readily available in Sainsbury’s.

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Hi guys, what's going on?

The 51allout Team of the Year

WHICH England ACE ruined Gary Ballance? WHO hit FEWER fours than Nick Compton last year? WHY is James Whitaker a HUGE dickhead?

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The Commentators: SuperSport

The worst thing about England thrashing South Africa.

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The Commentators: Fazeer Mohammed

At least one West Indian is in fine form at the moment. Pity he isn’t a cricketer though.

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Unlike Lomborg, we actually passed statistics at university.  On the second try anyway.

The Australian National Selection Panel: Deconstructing The Arcane Art Of The ‘Gut Feel’

With all this talk about ‘gut feel’, we wonder what team the selectors might conjure up after a dodgy curry the night before.

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Or you could just open that file on the 51allout office computer marked 'Don't open, not porn'.

51allout Mass Debates #7: Whinging About The Windies

Now that Shane Watson has retired we have to find a new hobby for the Australian summer. Hand wringing over the future of West Indian cricket will do for now.

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How she keeps balance is another matter.

Once More, With Feeling: How We Tried To Make The Greatest England Squad Ever

Did England make the right choices in their squad for South Africa?

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The Australian Cricketing Media: At Rock Bottom And Breaking Out Pickaxes

We thought we’d write about the state of the Australian print media. You’ll never believe what happened next!

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When will they learn to just PICK ALL OF THE GINGERS?

Jonny B: Not Good

Jonny Bairstow annoys us. Is it because of his hair colour? Well yes, but there are other reasons as well.

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