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The ECB: An Apology

Even the ECB makes the right decision twice a decade.

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County Championship 2012: The Week That Might Be

The County Championship is back! If it was 1989, this would presumably have been one of the lead stories for this week’s edition of the Junior Gazette.

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England vs. Australia ODI Series Review

Since we haven’t the budget for a BBC style montage, we instead get an opinion from either side on what to make of the recently completed ODI series. For those who couldn’t be bothered reading till the end; Australia are rubbish.

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Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light: The Simon Katich Story

Earlier this week one of the finest Australian cricketers of the past decade quietly closed the door on his international career. We look back over the career of a player who was considered a strong candidate for the Test captaincy until he started picking fights he could never hope to win.

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Whatever Happened to the Unlikely Lads (International Edition)? #11: Brad Hodge

Whilst England has served up a bevy of cricketers over the years who have failed miserably at International level, Australia excels at producing players who fail for very different reasons altogether.

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County Championship 2012: *comedy title goes here*

Another tough week of cricket in the County Championship saw plenty of bad weather, just one result and rising levels of excitement about the imminent arrival of Phil Hughes.

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Michael Clarke: Pup Or The Big Dog?

Michael Clarke: love him or hate him, at least he doesn’t have a face like a rat. We got two of 51allout’s writers from down under to discuss whether his ex-fiancée was fit, whether Mickey Arthur is the best thing about him and how Pune really don’t need another anchor at the top of an anchor-heavy batting order.

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End Of Season Reports 10: Australia

In Australian cricket an annus horribilis has been replaced by annus rebuildus. So we failed Latin. On reflection, that’s probably one reason why we ended up writing for a cricket website.

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West Indies vs. Australia, Third Test Review

The West Indies really aren’t very good at this Test cricket malarkey. Here’s our take on their latest defeat.

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