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No Such Thing As A Free Launch: Mike Hussey’s ‘Underneath The Southern Cross’

Books can be fun. They can also be informative. Some of them are best described as ‘shit’. But which of these categories does the Mike Hussey story fall under?

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Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads (International Edition)? #25: David Hussey

Australia has recently bid farewell to both the Hussey brothers. Although it only ever really said hello to the one of them.

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Coming In A Mess, Going Out In Style: The Oasis Story (Featuring Mike Hussey)

We’re not arrogant, we just believe we’re the best website in the world.

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Third Test: Review

Not only did Michael Hussey see Australia to victory, he also took the opportunity to epically merk the selectors by putting Nathan Lyon in charge of the team song.

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Third Test: Preview

The 51allout team have literally never been this excited about anything before

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England vs. Australia ODI Series Review

Since we haven’t the budget for a BBC style montage, we instead get an opinion from either side on what to make of the recently completed ODI series. For those who couldn’t be bothered reading till the end; Australia are rubbish.

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