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I Spy…The County Championship In Cliches

The County Championship is here, roll out the same things you rolled out last year!

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The Occasional 51allout County Championship Watch

No-one could actually be bothered to write about the County Championship. Luckily the work experience boy has no say in these things.

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Around The Grounds #2: The Oval

51allout go to London, accompanied by some hidden cans of lager.

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County Championship 2014: England Watch Vol 0

The early County Championship season promises to be like some kind of Grand National, but a Grand National for cricketers rather than horses. And one where the prize is a solitary England cap.

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Where Do We Go From Here? The Future For England’s Spin Attack

If Simon Kerrigan isn’t the answer, then who is? Is it the cast of Eastenders? 51allout investigates the past, present and future of spin bowling for England.

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Nick Compton And The Bradman Gap

Nick Compton’s summer: good. Joe Root’s summer: less good. Here we drag these basic facts out into 1,200 words, two charts and several references to the cancellation of Knightmare.

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County Championship 2012: I Killed Paul Allen. And I Liked It.

It’s the end of the line for the County Championship season. We watched every minute of the conclusion, and definitely weren’t distracted by our favourite film.

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County Championship 2012: The Beginning Of The End

The County Championship is almost done for another year, which is good news for those struggling to find a thousand words to write about it each week. But which team got rid of Saj Mahmood and then deservedly got relegated?

County Championship 2012: The Week That Tried Hard

Captains up and down the land met in dark broom cupboards to try and hatch results (well, some did). So let’s show off the leather jackets and see what occurred in the latest round of County Championship matches.

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County Championship 2012: The Week Where We Couldn’t Think Of A Title

We’re into the business end of the County Championship now. But that’s no excuse for shouting at the work experience boy.

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