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Commonwealth Bank ODI Series: Round Two Review

The second round of fixtures in the Commonwealth Bank series brought tight finishes, rain and some awful running between the wickets from Australia. Here’s what we made of all three games.

Commonwealth Bank ODI Series: Round One Review

As well as raising interest rates in an attempt to milk every last cent from the average home-owing Aussie, the Commonwealth Bank also sponsor a mind-numbingly long series of ODI’s. Here’s our thoughts on the first round of fixtures.

Australia vs. India, T20 Series Review

International T20 matches are still fairly uncommon occurences. Australia and India played two this week and here’s what we thought of them.

Australia vs. India, Fourth Test: Review

India’s horror series reached its predictable conclusion with one final almighty beating from Australia. Here’s our verdict on the Adelaide massacre.

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Australia vs. India, Fourth Test: Preview

India’s last away Test for nearly two years offers a final chance for some redemption. Or, more likely, one final beating at the hands of a rejuvenated Australia.

Australia vs. India, Third Test: Review

After India’s shambolic batting efforts this tour thus far, it didn’t require much imagination to predict them being rolled within three days on a bouncy WACA wicket.

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Australia vs. India, Third Test: Preview

When you’ve lost six consecutive Test matches away from home, you could really do with not playing the next match in conditions that are alien to you, yet ideal for your opposition. So it must be with at least a smidgeon of apprehension that India travel to Perth.

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Australia vs. India, Second Test: Review

One of the great innings from Michael Clarke was more than enough to see off a sorry India side. Indeed, the away side were so poor that it made us genuinely angry. We’ve calmed down enough now to write a review.

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Australia vs. India, Second Test: Preview

Barely has the gin-induced hangover cleared and it’s time for some more Test cricket, as Australia and India head to the SCG for the second Test of an already fascinating series.

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Australia vs. India, First Test: Review

The Australian boom/bust cycle continues with an eventually comfortable win over India. Joe the cameraman falling off his segway becomes the Aussie ‘Delboy falling through the bar’ incident.

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