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Ashes Selection Ponderings: Should Australia Ditch The All-Rounder?

What is the answer to all life’s problems? Gin. But James Pattinson comes a close second.

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An Article In Which 51allout Gushes Over The Big Bash For About 940 Words

The Australian Spring is here, and that can mean only one thing. The Big Bash is less than 100 sleeps away!

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The Devereux Diaries, Part Six: How The Hell Was Watson Picked For Cardiff?

One week on we still can’t believe it actually happened. And we’ll never forget either.

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The Devereux Diaries, Part Five: The Limits To Boof

He is the coach Australia deserve, but not the one they need right now.

The Devereux Diaries, Part Three: Divining The Aussie Batting Order

It’s been so long since Australia have played Test cricket, we’re suspicious of whether they still remember how.

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Great Unsolved Mysteries Of The Modern World #4: Is Michael Clarke Actually A Prick?

We’ve always wanted to write for Hello magazine. Consider this our audition.

England vs. Australia, Fifth Test: Day One Review

Well we didn’t expect THAT.

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A Bloke Called Shirley

All going well, the predictions in this article will show us to be geniuses. Otherwise we’ll just delete it and nobody will suspect a thing.

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World T20: Day Five

The tournament may have been pretty crap so far, but like British politics in 1997, or D:Ream’s career following the original release of U R The Best Thing stalling at 72 in the charts, things can only get better.

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Australia vs. India, Fourth Test: Preview

India’s last away Test for nearly two years offers a final chance for some redemption. Or, more likely, one final beating at the hands of a rejuvenated Australia.