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Steve Smith Report Card: We Like His Old Stuff Better Than His New Stuff

We still love Devereux, we really do, but we can’t help feeling nostalgic at times.

The Tragedy Of Pune

The Ides of March have come.

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IPL 2013: The Continuing Insanity of Allan Donald

If there is one redeeming quality of the IPL, it is that the longer it goes on, the more ridiculous it becomes.

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IPL 2013: Allan Donald’s Tactics Truck

The IPL is back, with bamboozling tactics aplenty and a debilitating lack of Steve Smith.

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IPL 2013 Preview: The Year of Pune

Now that the nonsense of Test cricket is out of the way for a while (five days for no result? What a waste of time), it’s time for the glorious return of the IPL. We run the rule over this year’s tournament.

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No Such Thing As A Free Launch: International Cricket Captain 2012

Ever wondered what it must be like being Andy Flower or Mickey Arthur? No, neither have we. But we guess someone out there must because the International Cricket Captain series is back again in a new instalment. We delve into the world of cricket management games and mostly like what we see.

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In The Air! And Safe! And Out! #2: Super International Cricket (SNES)

Two video game reviews inside one week? It can only be the school holidays as we dust off yet another classic to help take our minds off the English ‘summer’.

IPL 2012: Pune Warriors Season Review

With the Pune Warriors’ IPL campaign coming to a predictably depressing conclusion, we run the rule over their performance this season. Dada fanboys and those with a weak stomach might want to skip this one. It’s not going to be pretty.

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Dada (Or The Decline And Fall Of The Pune Warriors)

After a blistering start, Pune’s IPL campaign has descended into a farce. 51allout points the finger at the man solely responsible.

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IPL 2012, Part Three: Match 7564, Steaming In…

We need you to dig in now. It wasn’t a nightmare. It really is still going.

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