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The Commentators: Ian Smith

Hurrah – one of our favouritest commentators is back on our box!

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County Championship 2012: The Beginning Of The End

The County Championship is almost done for another year, which is good news for those struggling to find a thousand words to write about it each week. But which team got rid of Saj Mahmood and then deservedly got relegated?

County Championship 2012: Onions Are Not The Only Fruit

Like this author after thirty seconds of watching 9 1/2 Weeks, the County Championship is fast approaching its climax. But which England bowler was the star of the show in the latest round of fixtures?

County Championship 2012: The Week Where We Couldn’t Be Bothered

We do love the County Championship, honest. It’s just that we’ve had a really busy week.

The Alphabet XIs: R

Two of the very best batsmen are the stars of this team, and they’re supported by a good bunch of popular players (and a former Sri Lankan captain).

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