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India vs. Australia: Series Roundup

We laughed! We cried! We hurled! We blame a combination of gin and Australia getting a pasting for all three. Now here’s our final word on the subject.

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India vs. England, ODI Series: Preview

England have a huge 2013 ahead of them, and they say you should always lead with a joke…

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India In 2012: And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

2012 was probably not in the top two years of India’s decade.

India vs. England, Fourth Test: Preview

With England being brilliant and wonderful and having no problems at all now Stuart Broad is definitely too injured to sneak his way back in, the fourth Test preview focuses almost entirely on their opponents.

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India vs. England, First Test: Day One Review

Despite their best efforts to lose the game inside the first hour, England just about clung on to India’s coat tails thanks to a heroic performance from Graeme Swann.

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England vs. India, Third Test: Preview

India need to win to keep the series alive. England know that they have the ability and momentum to overtake the tourists and become the No.1 ranked side in the world.

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