A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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With a few notable exceptions, of course.

51allout Mass Debates #12: Ranking The Debacles

Just which England shambles was the worst of the worst?

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Seriously, it's like Doug Bollinger's haircut in reverse.

51allout Mass Debates #11: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mitch Marsh?

51allout tackles the thorny subject of Mitch Marsh and his ongoing rubbishness.

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If Morgan is picked in the Test team this summer, will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights?

51allout Mass Debates #10: Morgan A Feeling

51allout talks Eoin Morgan, with all the professional enthusiasm that you’ve come to expect.

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If any of these corporations are reading this, just wang us a few quid and we'll  keep posting your logo.

51allout Mass Debates #9: World Twenty20 International T20Cup Tournament Special

Time to talk about the World Twenty20, whilst bitterly realising who’s going to win it.

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Nick Compton is handsome

51allout Mass Debates #8: Straight Intta Compton

Nick Compton: like Marmite, albeit less readily available in Sainsbury’s.

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Or you could just open that file on the 51allout office computer marked 'Don't open, not porn'.

51allout Mass Debates #7: Whinging About The Windies

Now that Shane Watson has retired we have to find a new hobby for the Australian summer. Hand wringing over the future of West Indian cricket will do for now.

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Although his 'being really fat' superpower came in handy when Spiderman went apeshit and started attacking everyone.

51allout Mass Debates #6: England In The UAE

Following their Ashes renaissance, England’s next job is to be less crap in the UAE than they were last time. Which shouldn’t be that difficult. But what team will they actually pick?

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51allout Mass Debates #5: The Spirit Of Cricket

What is the true spirit of cricket? Gin, obviously.

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With hindsight, the chairman of Surrey could probably have chosen a less ostentatious way to present his county's bid.

51allout Mass Debates #4: The Case For And Against Cardiff

International cricket at Cardiff is the latest topic to be debated by approximately 50% of the 51allout staff.

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Having received an envelope stuffed with cash, Reeve prepared to hand over the 100% authentic signed Bradman trophy.

51allout Mass Debates #3: The Greatest Day In The History Of Cricket

The 51allout ensemble try – and fail – to figure out which was truly the greatest day in the history of cricket.

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