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New Zealand vs. England T20s: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Freak Out!

A look back over the T20s.

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New Zealand vs. England, T20 Series: Preview

In a rare moment of clarity, the shadowy figure who organises cricket tours like a master puppeteer has managed to schedule this one the right way around. A T20 series gets England’s visit to New Zealand under way. And boy are we excited.

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The 51allout Podcast #22: February 8th 2013

One million dollars for Glenn Maxwell! Steven Peter Devereux Smith in the Australian Test squad! Three grown men dressed as a set of stumps! It’s been an odd week in the world of cricket.

The 51allout Podcast #6: October 4th 2012 or: How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The World T20

After last week’s slating of the World T20 group stages, this week we went in the opposite direction, relentlessly flattering the Super Eights as if it were Steve Smith in a dress.

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England vs. South Africa: T20 Series Review

As T20 series go, this one was a bit like being repeatedly punched in the face by someone you didn’t even really like in the first place.

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England vs. South Africa, T20 Series: Preview

England and South Africa are going head to head yet again. We can barely contain our excitement.

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England vs. West Indies, Only T20I: Preview

With the country in the grip of T20 fever, England take on the West Indies in a one-off game that is definitely the most important sporting event of the day.

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FLT20: The Big Preview

Is that actually a crowd at a county game? It can mean only one thing – it’s T20 time! We got the 51allout brains trust together to basically backtrack on all the previews we did at the start of the season.

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