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Points Don’t Mean Prizes: The County Season In Numbers

The absolute final word on the County Championship comes in the form of some numbers.

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FLT20 Finals Day Review: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Willey!

T20 Finals Day: a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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FLT20 Finals Day Preview: Part Two

Part two of our build up to T20 Finals Day looks at last year’s winners and takes the piss out of Surrey’s names-from-a-hat based recruitment policy.

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FLT20 Finals Day Preview: Part One

T20 Finals Day is a perfectly good excuse for drinking gin in the rain for a whole day. But which poor bastards won’t be able to drink gin until they’ve played some cricket?

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FLT20 Finals Day: Yorkshire vs. Hampshire LIVE!

T20 Finals day is all done, bar the small matter of the final. Once more unto the breach dear friends!

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FLT20 Finals Day: Hampshire vs. Somerset LIVE!

T20 finals day reaches its second game, as Hampshire and Somerset go head to head once again. Will there once again be a comedy finish in which no-one knows which side has actually won? Join us to discuss the action as it happens.

FLT20 Finals Day: Sussex vs. Yorkshire LIVE!

Join us as we liveblog our way through T20 finals day, starting with favourites Sussex taking on Yorkshire. Or, quite possibly, lots of rain and an in-depth discussion of New Zealand getting utterly demolished by India.

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Dear ECB, Character Limits Shall Not Silence The People!

Back in the late ’50’s we began filling out an ECB survey. Now that we’re done, here’s what we wanted to say.

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FLT20: The Big Preview

Is that actually a crowd at a county game? It can mean only one thing – it’s T20 time! We got the 51allout brains trust together to basically backtrack on all the previews we did at the start of the season.

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