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Champions Trophy Preview: Group B

Group B – the group of death, if death was actual death and not that poncey Group A nonsense.

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The 51allout Podcast #23: February 14th 2013

The main topics this week included playing Radiohead at T20 matches, loving Jos Buttler and Luke Wright and boldly predicting South Africa to beat Pakistan. Plus the Australia vs. West Indies series gets an almighty kicking for basically wasting everyone’s time.

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Australia vs. West Indies, ODI Series: Preview (May God Have Mercy Upon Us All)

Action! Drama! Suspense! None of these and less will be on show in the latest eagerly anticipated ODI series to grace our televisions.

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The 51allout Podcast #13: November 21st 2012

England’s hammering in Ahmedabad was the main topic of discussion this week, although the prospect of Sven-Göran Eriksson managing in the A League was close behind. Plus NZ got their traditional kicking, despite Aussie Matt’s growing infatuation with Tim Southee.

Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads (International Edition)? #20: Sulieman Benn

The Unlikely Lads make their first stop off in the Caribbean to welcome aboard one of our absolute favourites

World T20: Day Twenty

It’s the final day!

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World T20: Day Eighteen

Just two games to go now, folks. Sri Lanka lurk in the shadows, ready to engage the winner of Shane Watson vs the West Indies.

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World T20: Day Twelve

Day twelve – crunch time for England. One more dismal performance and they can pencil in a few episodes of Mike & Molly to watch while the semi-finals are taking place.

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World T20: Day Ten

Day ten should be the best day of the World T20 so far. Although day nine was pretty good.

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World T20: Day Seven

Today marks the end of the of the first week of the T20 World Cup. It’s been the longest week any of us here at 51allout can remember ever having to endure.

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