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World T20: Day One

Day one at the World T20: featuring anthems, legs and Greigs.

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World T20 Preview: Group D

Group D contains New Zealand, which is basically a red rag to a bull as far as 51allout criticism goes.

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World T20 Preview: Group A

The English season may have finally submitted to the sweet, sweet release of death, but the international winter is about to go out into the big wide world. And, as with all newborns, it’s going to spend the first few weeks making a terrible mess of everything in sight.

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The 51allout Podcast #4: September 14th 2012

Seven days have passed, therefore it must be time for another 51allout gin party, cleverly hidden under the pretence of recording a podcast.

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England vs. South Africa: T20 Series Review

As T20 series go, this one was a bit like being repeatedly punched in the face by someone you didn’t even really like in the first place.

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I Want To Retire, No Longer Required: The Kevin Pietersen Story

Even from beyond the grave, Kevin Pietersen’s international limited overs career continues to stir debate. Just to reiterate: Kevin Pietersen is not dead, it was just a joke that seems to have been taken seriously by a few people. And a national television channel.

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