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A Schlep From Wolves Posting #1: England vs Ireland First ODI

Like George Michael returning for The Final, a former staffer returns from his solo blog in a desperate attempt to resurrect the 51allout’s Andrew Ridgeley-esque stuttering career.

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Why always me? We wonder that too, Kev.

England Watch 2015, Week 1

The race is on to spend a summer listening to Peter Moores speak and have Mitchell Johnson wang the ball towards your head at 95mph. Who could resist?!

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The two latest additions to the England Selection Panel provoked some controversy.

Scotland vs England, Only ODI: Review

This was definitely the best ODI we’ve seen so far this month.

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For all that, we do like their new ODI kit.

County Championship 2014: England Watch Vol 4.0

Which of the Watchees are off on their jollies to the (allegedly) 14th richest country in the world by GDP?

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The lead singer's haircut alone should have elevated them further. Spectacular scenes.

County Championship 2014: England Watch Vol 3.0

You lot might have spent all week tucking into dozens of Easter Eggs, but for the England hopefuls it’s been unrelenting cricket all the way. Except for Gary Ballance who did both.

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This really does still upset us.

County Championship 2014: England Watch Vol 2.0

The County Championship rumbles on like a juggernaut. Or maybe more of a Transit van.

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The girls were coolly impressed by Samit's rendition of "Never Gonna Get It", as well as his heavy hitting and left arm filth.

County Championship 2014: England Watch Vol 1.0

Come have a look at some of the men you’ll be berating for scoring too slowly and bowling too short in just a few weeks’ time.

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Festive golden geese: Lovely stuff

Australia vs England, 2nd ODI: Preview

Every day should be a frivolous ODI day.

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England vs Australia, 1st ODI: Preview

We’ve not looked forward to any series so much since they announced the return of Shooting Stars. And that turned out brilliantly.

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New Zealand vs. England, Third Test: Preview

It’s Auckland, it’s live, and it’s still 0-0. This will definitely be the best match of the series. Probably.

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