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IPL 2016: Meet The New Jos, Same As The Old Jos

IPL 2016 may have Jos Buttler in it, but is it really any different from previous tournaments? We certainly won’t get fooled again.

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Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads? #60: Scott Borthwick

For once, we look at an Unlikely Lad who might come back in fashion, pending his choice of headwear.

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The IPL features Steven Peter Devereux Smith, so of it's course its good.

Steve Smith Report Card: We Like His Old Stuff Better Than His New Stuff

We still love Devereux, we really do, but we can’t help feeling nostalgic at times.


Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads (International Edition)? #59: Shane Watson

We really, really hated Watto. But mostly we loved him.

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Vinoo Mankad

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 15 – Mankading Special!

51allout investigates Mankading on YouTube and finds there aren’t actually many videos out there. But, like a foolish batsman, they were already committed to setting off, with painful results.

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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 14

Like a hipster’s favourite smoothie, today’s run through of some nice videos has a distinctly Kiwi flavour.

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Although not as generous as giving Boyd Rankin a Test cap.

Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads? #58: Boyd Rankin

Imagine managing to bring shame on not one but two countries.

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If any of these corporations are reading this, just wang us a few quid and we'll  keep posting your logo.

51allout Mass Debates #9: World Twenty20 International T20Cup Tournament Special

Time to talk about the World Twenty20, whilst bitterly realising who’s going to win it.

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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 13

From the X-Files to the West Indies via the Skeleton and Young Athers, this can only be things we found on YouTube.

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After ten minutes of babbling, it b

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation (Of The Captaincy)

Eoin Morgan clogging up the England batting line-up? You need a really radical solution, like this one.

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