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Speaking of arses.

Spinning Around With 51allout

Move out of our way…we’re going to talk spin bowling.

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Worse than ebola? Worse than ebola.

Australian Test Ladder Part Four: The “Pinning All Its Hopes On Glenn Maxwell” Edition

Who doesn’t love ladders? Other than people with no hands perhaps.

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Captain of England

Too Much Swann: The Issues With TMS

Today we explore how one absolute bell-end has single handedly managed to destroy an otherwise fine cricketing institution.

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Having received an envelope stuffed with cash, Reeve prepared to hand over the 100% authentic signed Bradman trophy.

51allout Mass Debates #3: The Greatest Day In The History Of Cricket

The 51allout ensemble try – and fail – to figure out which was truly the greatest day in the history of cricket.

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"Yes! I've finally got the time to catching up on all my box sets."

Enough Already

Not everyone is enjoying the Ashes as much as you are.

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Australia's seam attack pose for photos prior to the first Test. Josh Hazelwood had probably nipped to the toilet.

Darren Lehmann And The Curious Case Of Too Many Mitchells

Team selections based on a love of British soaps: not the greatest of ideas.

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And a terrifying waxwork

The Impending Decline And Fall Of Shane Keith Warne

If it sees the beginning of the end of Shane Warne, getting humiliated in the Ashes will all have been worth it.

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The Devereux Diaries, Part Seven: Blame Boof

As the blame game is so much more interesting than the actual cricket, we couldn’t help getting started early.

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Sort of like this, but the complete opposite.

A Question Of Ballance

You knew it, we knew it, everyone knew Ballance would fail. So why couldn’t anyone stop it from happening?

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Christ, it just gets worse and worse for the poor bastard

We’ll Have To Look At The Data: Ian Ronald Bell MBE

After surveying the wreckage of England’s latest failed attempt to get bowled out for 51 again, we’ve come up with a radical solution. And it sure as shit isn’t moving Ian Bell *up* the order.

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