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The Australian Cricketing Media: At Rock Bottom And Breaking Out Pickaxes

We thought we’d write about the state of the Australian print media. You’ll never believe what happened next!

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When will they learn to just PICK ALL OF THE GINGERS?

Jonny B: Not Good

Jonny Bairstow annoys us. Is it because of his hair colour? Well yes, but there are other reasons as well.

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Even if it was just against India.

A Fair And Even-Handed Critique Of Brendon McCullum’s Captaincy

No seriously, it is. We think.

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The Commentators: Chris Rogers

Some call him Rogers. Others Buck. We simply know him as the Promised One.

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England's bowling attack could be best described as 'metrosexual'.

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 12

Thankfully for us, the stream of cricket videos on YouTube seems to be never-ending.

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Pattinson in one of those rare 'in-between injuries' moments.

Matador Cup Roundup & Australian ODI Ladder

With the Matador Cup out of the way, it’s time to see where Marcus Stoinis stands in the greater scheme of things.

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Imagine his phone bill.

The Commentators: Ramiz Raja & Aamir Sohail

Our ears may be poisoned by too much of an awful commentator, but we’ve seen the future in the form of his former opening partner.

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An Aussie’s (Massively Grudging) Praise For Alastair Cook

It’s the article we never thought we’d write. Or wanted to.

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Although his 'being really fat' superpower came in handy when Spiderman went apeshit and started attacking everyone.

51allout Mass Debates #6: England In The UAE

Following their Ashes renaissance, England’s next job is to be less crap in the UAE than they were last time. Which shouldn’t be that difficult. But what team will they actually pick?

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Timmy Mallett

WACA-day: The End Of An Era

Dilapidated, unloved and in need of demolition. Anyway, enough about 51allout. What’s happened to the WACA?

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