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51allout Watches Here Come The Habibs!

Damn you Editor Steve. Damn you to hell.

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But then, hindsight can be a bitch in a lot of ways.

Why Are Australia So Crap At T20 Cricket?

We explore one of the universe’s most bewildering questions, only just behind, “Who thought having a charity headed by Shane Warne would be a good idea?”

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Nick Compton is handsome

51allout Mass Debates #8: Straight Intta Compton

Nick Compton: like Marmite, albeit less readily available in Sainsbury’s.

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simon jones

No Such Thing As A Free Launch: Simon Jones’s ‘The Test’

Simon Jones writes about 2005 and all that.

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Making The Big Bash Bigger

What will they call the Big Bash next season? The Bigger Bash? The Biggest Bash?

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Hi guys, what's going on?

The 51allout Team of the Year

WHICH England ACE ruined Gary Ballance? WHO hit FEWER fours than Nick Compton last year? WHY is James Whitaker a HUGE dickhead?

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The 51allout Bargain Basement Book Bonanza: Godfrey Evans: Behind The Stumps

Not a great book, but a great lesson for shit wicketkeepers.

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Roger Daltrey

Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lads? #57: Ryan Sidebottom

Ryan Sidebottom’s face is enough to send us into an almighty rage. Could we find a way to write a whole article about him without losing it? You better you bet!


The Commentators: Fazeer Mohammed

At least one West Indian is in fine form at the moment. Pity he isn’t a cricketer though.

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Unlike Lomborg, we actually passed statistics at university.  On the second try anyway.

The Australian National Selection Panel: Deconstructing The Arcane Art Of The ‘Gut Feel’

With all this talk about ‘gut feel’, we wonder what team the selectors might conjure up after a dodgy curry the night before.

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