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Age Before Beauty Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Plagiarism

51allout gets mad, in the form of some charts and a bit of swearing.

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The Greatest ODI Batsman Of All Time. Of All Time!

51allout investigates a question that’s been bugging everyone for years: just who is the joint 150th best ODI batsman of all time?

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Although not as generous as giving Boyd Rankin a Test cap.

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 17: The One Wicket Club

One of the great clubs that no-one wants to be a part of. *Insert joke about Portsmouth FC here*

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Ocean's Twelve

Botham’s Twelve

51allout returns to using bubble charts to assess allrounders. And then Shane Watson impersonates Julia Roberts, for reasons that no-one can explain, not even the writers.

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Voges is shocked

Adam Voges And The Search For The New Bradman

Is Adam Voges the new Bradman? The short answer is no, but we get paid by the word so you’re getting a much longer answer.

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Although at just $395 plus P&P each, we're genuinely tempted to buy all 100 of these.

Devereux: Ranking All Over The World

51allout explores where Devereux ranks in the pantheon of all time greats. Mainly by using someone else’s work.

That and murdering deer for fun.

The Cook Retort

We throw down a gauntlet. Will Alastair Cook pick it up?

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Ocean's Eleven

Botham’s Eleven

No, that title’s not a reference to the number of close fielders Sir Ian wants at any one time, but instead a rubbish pun on a film from a few years back. The actual article is about looking at English all-rounders. And weeping softly.


Stepping Up To Open Up

Batting at number three is basically the same as opening, right? Especially if the walking wicket of Alastair Cook is above you in the order.

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The Hundred Club

51allout acknowledges a spectacular achievement as Alastair Cook reaches 700 days without a Test hundred.

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