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From Despair To Where?

51allout looks at the sorry state of the West Indies and tries to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Botham’s Twelve

51allout returns to using bubble charts to assess allrounders. And then Shane Watson impersonates Julia Roberts, for reasons that no-one can explain, not even the writers.

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The 51allout Botham/Anderson Chart Spectacular!

Jimmy Anderson’s overtaking of Sir Ian Botham’s record led some to party in the streets. Not us. We weren’t invited to the party so stayed home and did charts instead.

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Making A Contribution

We’ve come up to with a methodology to assess which England players are pulling their weight. And yet we managed to avoid making a single joke about Samit Patel. 51allout is growing up.

51allout Does Mythbusters: Being A Test Captain Is Difficult

Mythbusters: awesome. Cricket: awesome. Time to combine the two.

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Points Don’t Mean Prizes: The County Season In Numbers

The absolute final word on the County Championship comes in the form of some numbers.

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Revenge Of The Wiggles

The Wiggles: not as popular a topic as we hoped.

Nick Compton And The Bradman Gap

Nick Compton’s summer: good. Joe Root’s summer: less good. Here we drag these basic facts out into 1,200 words, two charts and several references to the cancellation of Knightmare.

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Passengers And The Ramprakash Factor

We haven’t done a Scorers’ Notes piece in a while but with a Test series against Sri Lanka coming up we felt we needed a new way to criticise Ravi Bopara.

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The Two Halves Of Mitchell Johnson

With it being a rare non-cricketing week (the Champions League T20 doesn’t count unless Somerset win it) we took the opportunity to have a look at the career of Mitchell Johnson. Warning: contains a picture that his mum may find offensive

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