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The Masterplan

The Masterplan

51allout take the time to make some sense of what they want to say.

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IPL 2016: Meet The New Jos, Same As The Old Jos

IPL 2016 may have Jos Buttler in it, but is it really any different from previous tournaments? We certainly won’t get fooled again.

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If any of these corporations are reading this, just wang us a few quid and we'll  keep posting your logo.

51allout Mass Debates #9: World Twenty20 International T20Cup Tournament Special

Time to talk about the World Twenty20, whilst bitterly realising who’s going to win it.

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But then, hindsight can be a bitch in a lot of ways.

Why Are Australia So Crap At T20 Cricket?

We explore one of the universe’s most bewildering questions, only just behind, “Who thought having a charity headed by Shane Warne would be a good idea?”

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MCL: Ell Oh Ell

The Masters Champions League begins. Is it an excellent, innovative idea guaranteed to produce high quality sport? Or will it be a load of pissed up old players out on a massive jolly? You decide.

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Making The Big Bash Bigger

What will they call the Big Bash next season? The Bigger Bash? The Biggest Bash?

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Big Bash teams

The 51allout 2015/16 KFC Big Bash Preview Spectacular!

What makes the Big Bash so awesome? Many things, but a further one now is the inclusion of Ellyse Perry.

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IPL 2015 Season Preview: So Very, Very Tired

Would you like a bluffers guide to the new IPL season? So would we – to tell the truth.

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The Big Bash: A Denouement

We love the Big Bash, you love the Big Bash, but was it actually any good?

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Overpaid, Over-Played And Over Here: English Players In The 2014/15 Big Bash

Running the gamut from the distinctly average, to the downright awful, this is how we’ve rated the performances of the English imports in the season’s Big Bash.

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