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Every Run And Wicket In The 2011 County Championship

With the County Championship season now over, we spent a bit of time looking at charts and making snide comments about ex-England pacemen.

The India Half-Time Report

We looked at England’s traffic lights the other day, now it’s India’s turn.

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The England Half-Time Report

With England and India enjoying a brief break between tests, we wanted to have a look at the numbers so far. First up: England.

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No Space In A Four-Man Attack, Broadly Speaking

With England debating the selection between Stuart Broad and Tim Bresnan for Thursday’s series opener against India, we at 51allout wanted to look purely at the numbers behind the former’s career and form, to see if we could find some justification one way or another.

The England Form Guide or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Numbers

A short while back we looked at the idea of using a ten-innings rolling average to look at a player’s ‘form’, as opposed to their career average, which is more a measure of overall ‘quality’. Here we’ll use this idea to have a look at England’s current top-order batsmen.

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