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Globetrotters Part Four: Bleeding Hell, It’s The BPL!

Where are all the county cricketers this winter?

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Luke Wright: Used To Be Shite, Now He’s Alright

Back in the pre-51allout age, everyone hated Luke Wright. From the moment we formed and began singing his praises, his stock has gone from strength to strength. Coincidence?

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Globetrotters Part Two: It’ll be All Wright On The Night

English players aren’t just tearing shit up in India, but also across Australia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

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Globetrotters 2012/13

As Chris Woakes lands in New Zealand pushing for a spot in the England squad, we start to look at other players who find themselves overseas this winter.

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World T20: Day Four

Yesterday saw thrills, spills, and poorly conceived bets that the Zimbabwean total would not pass 80 runs. While we wait for that unfortunate gambler to pay up, we get ready for the entertainment day four will hopefully provide.

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KFC Big Bash: Round Six Review

Round six of the KFC Big Bash saw a record breaking innings from Luke Wright. That wasn’t the main talking point however, as Cricket Australia began to look at the all-important task of making the competition much worse going forwards.

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KFC Big Bash: Round Five Review

Round five has been and gone in a flash, like a typical Phil Hughes innings. Here’s what we made of it.

KFC Big Bash: Round Four Review

Chicken. Cricket. Steve Smith. You know the drill by now.

KFC Big Bash: Round Three Review

From humble beginnings in Perth in 1974, Chicken Treat has grown into one of the West’s largest fast food chains. Sadly not large enough to put their name to a T20 competition with Michael Beer in it.

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KFC Big Bash: Round Two Review

What began as a dream fueled by the Original Recipe, a no-quit attitude and a Social Security check grew into the world’s largest chicken restaurant chain. Plus a T20 competition starring Luke Wright.

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