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County Cricket 2013: The Good

Part one in our county cricket round-up.

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Cricketing Gingers: The Work Experience Boy Writes Again

The work experience boy and ginger cricketers: a match made in heaven.

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Australia vs. England’s 4th XI

Despite picking an entire Airbus A380 of players for the two tours of Australia, there were enough omitted players to make a fairly reasonable XI.

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County Championship 2012: The Week Where We Couldn’t Think Of A Title

We’re into the business end of the County Championship now. But that’s no excuse for shouting at the work experience boy.

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Pietersen Pieters Out

Kevin Pietersen can be described as many things. Impulsive. Exciting. The man who pinched our future wife. And now a former limited overs international player.

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KFC Big Bash: Round Five Review

Round five has been and gone in a flash, like a typical Phil Hughes innings. Here’s what we made of it.

KFC Big Bash: Round Four Review

Chicken. Cricket. Steve Smith. You know the drill by now.

KFC Big Bash: Round Three Review

From humble beginnings in Perth in 1974, Chicken Treat has grown into one of the West’s largest fast food chains. Sadly not large enough to put their name to a T20 competition with Michael Beer in it.

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KFC Big Bash: Round Two Review

What began as a dream fueled by the Original Recipe, a no-quit attitude and a Social Security check grew into the world’s largest chicken restaurant chain. Plus a T20 competition starring Luke Wright.

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KFC Big Bash: Round One Review

It’s life, it’s a job and it’s KFC. It’s about being independent and having fun, making new friends and earning extra cash. It’s about being you. It’s also about a bunch of former cricketers dossing about in the sunshine.

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