A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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When more people turn up to a pre-tournament trophy presentation than the actual games, you know you have problems.
Other than to keep Devereux entertained with some top quality bants, that is.

It’s Time To Talk About Moises Henriques

Shittest international cricketer ever, or misunderstood genius? You decide!

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A Schlep From Wolves Posting #1: England vs Ireland First ODI

Like George Michael returning for The Final, a former staffer returns from his solo blog in a desperate attempt to resurrect the 51allout’s Andrew Ridgeley-esque stuttering career.

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The Greatest ODI Batsman Of All Time. Of All Time!

51allout investigates a question that’s been bugging everyone for years: just who is the joint 150th best ODI batsman of all time?

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If Morgan is picked in the Test team this summer, will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights?

51allout Mass Debates #10: Morgan A Feeling

51allout talks Eoin Morgan, with all the professional enthusiasm that you’ve come to expect.

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After ten minutes of babbling, it b

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation (Of The Captaincy)

Eoin Morgan clogging up the England batting line-up? You need a really radical solution, like this one.

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Pattinson in one of those rare 'in-between injuries' moments.

Matador Cup Roundup & Australian ODI Ladder

With the Matador Cup out of the way, it’s time to see where Marcus Stoinis stands in the greater scheme of things.

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About as sad as a pair of hipsters unashamedly profiting from gentrification and social inequality.

From Bangladesh To Bankstown: The Rise Of The Matador Cup

Hipsters unite, the most fashionably unfashionable competition in the land is back, and benefiting massively from society’s ills.

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The Deification Of Brendon McCullum

Kiwis have been the darlings of the media set for too long, and frankly it’s making us sick.

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51allout Mass Debates #5: The Spirit Of Cricket

What is the true spirit of cricket? Gin, obviously.

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