A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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The options for England's third seamer suddenly looked a bit limited.

From Despair To Where?

51allout looks at the sorry state of the West Indies and tries to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Oasis Knebworth

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 16

51allout asks: where did it all go wrong?

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The Commentators: Fazeer Mohammed

At least one West Indian is in fine form at the moment. Pity he isn’t a cricketer though.

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Or you could just open that file on the 51allout office computer marked 'Don't open, not porn'.

51allout Mass Debates #7: Whinging About The Windies

Now that Shane Watson has retired we have to find a new hobby for the Australian summer. Hand wringing over the future of West Indian cricket will do for now.

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The Australian Cricketing Media: At Rock Bottom And Breaking Out Pickaxes

We thought we’d write about the state of the Australian print media. You’ll never believe what happened next!

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The 51allout Podcast #73: June 8th 2015

England vs. New Zealand, Australia vs. West Indies and Shane Watson vs. the Stone of Destiny. All that and more in our latest podcast.

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The 51allout Podcast #71: April 20th 2015

A podcast with only one Matt can mean only one thing – it’s time for James to return to talk KP. Plus England get a bit of a kicking for not beating the West Indies.

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Just the sight of them relaxing is enough for any Englishman to reach for the brown underpants.

Classic Series Review: West Indies vs. England 1994

As the West Indies and England prepare to go head to head we look back to when the series was actually vaguely interesting.

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By this stage, there seemed to be Akai Singer parties in the UK on every street.

Classic Series Review: Akai Singer Champions Trophy 1997

Remember when England led the world in ODI cricket? Then you must be pretty old granddad!

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Ten Things We Learnt From West Indies vs. England

A series so good that we all went out on the piss.

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