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England vs. West Indies, Second Test: Day Three Review

Another day of two halves as West Indies perform admirably with the ball and abysmally with the bat.

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England vs. West Indies, Second Test: Day Two Review

Kemar Roach set the tone for England’s reply with one of the great spells of no-ball bowling before the West Indies wilted under the Nottingham sun.

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England vs. West Indies, First Test: Day Two Review

Yeeeeeeesssss! Not our words, the words of Andrew Strauss.

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England Ladder: Test Matches

This is our fourth England Ladder. Who’s up, whose down and who’s boringly unchanged?

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End Of Season Reports 7: England

You have to be pretty good to be that rubbish over the winter and still be the best team in the world.

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County Championship 2012: The Week That Nearly Wasn’t

The third set of County Championship fixtures were largely ruined by the weather. On the plus side, this just gives us more space to talk about One Direction, Martin Guptill’s foot and whether Eoin Morgan is alive or dead.

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England vs. India, Fourth Test: Day One Review

Like Luke Wright’s ODI career, it was fun for a short while. And then we started to get really frustrated and had to go outside and find something else to do. Oh, and other brands of gin are available.

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The England Form Guide or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Numbers

A short while back we looked at the idea of using a ten-innings rolling average to look at a player’s ‘form’, as opposed to their career average, which is more a measure of overall ‘quality’. Here we’ll use this idea to have a look at England’s current top-order batsmen.

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