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Big Bash Season 2013/14 Preview

It’s Christmas! Time to overindulge on the unhealthy things in life. Apropos of nothing, here’s season three of the KFC Big Bash.

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The 51allout Podcast #20: January 26th 2013

To celebrate Australia Day the 51allout crew all got together to slag off Australia’s ODI side. And England’s ODI side. And New Zealand’s ODI side, which seems particularly harsh. Plus the final word on the Big Bash.

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The KFC Big Bash: Report Card

Didn’t bother watching the Big Bash this season? Nevermind, here is our cheat sheet on the second best T20 competition in the world (behind the BPL).

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The KFC Big Bash: Knockout Stages Review

Another Big Bash has reached the end. We braved a bit of rain and then some quite warm weather to actually go to two-thirds of the knockout games. Here’s our verdict.

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The 51allout Podcast #19: January 17th 2013

Despite a disappointingly low standard of cricket around the world this week, the 51allout crew still managed to wax lyrical about James Tredwell, Brad Haddin and Jeremy Beadle’s withered hand.

The KFC Big Bash: Round Five Review

Fights were the order of the day in the Big Bash this week, after Marlon Samuels swiped the last of the popcorn chicken.

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The 51allout Podcast #18: January 10th 2013

After an extended Christmas break there’s much to talk about for the 51allout collective. But what’s their view on Jesse Ryder’s airplane habits, George Bailey’s rise to power and Shane Warne’s use of a microphone?

The KFC Big Bash: Round Four Review

It’s nearly crunch time in the Big Bash. Not quite yet though, which means it’s still acceptable to miss a game or two to hang around with the missus at Christmas.

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Three Review

The KFC Big Bash rolls on like Dan Smith falling off a cliff. Here’s our verdict on the latest batch of games.

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Two Review

The second round of the Big Bash saw, well, pretty much the same stuff we saw in the first round. Except more of it.

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