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Australia vs. England, First Test: Preview

Watching the Ashes – the second best thing you could be doing in the early hours of a cold Thursday morning.

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Shooting Trolls In A Barrel

Shane Warne – we’re not sorry.

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The 51allout Podcast #46: August 14th 2013

Following England’s spanking of Australia in Chester-le-Street, we discuss Jonny Bairstow’s skincare, Graham Gooch’s middle name and other cricketing talking points.

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England vs. Australia, Fourth Test: Day One Review

Bring on the ODIs already!

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The 51allout Podcast #41: July 9th 2013

With Ashes fever causing literally some people to lie down in a cold room, 51allout dampen down expectations like a wet flannel upon a pounding forehead. There’s talk of all the main players, such as Shane Watson, Tim Bresnan and Gordon Banks and various ancilliary media figures get a bit of a slating.

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Classic Series Review: Memories Of The 2006/7 Ashes Vol. 2

Another epic series, only this time with more Saj Mahmood.

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Can’t bat, can’t bowl, can’t field: Australia’s all-round problems

In the third of an occasional series looking ahead at the Australian Test team for next year’s Ashes series, it’s time to consider that most difficult spot to fill: that of the all-rounder.

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Behind The Stumps

In the second of an occasional series exploring the reconstruction of the Australian Test team ahead of the next Ashes series, our attention turns to who will be behind the stumps for the Aussies come the northern summer next year.